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Made with love by an English lady in France. We like to add an English touch to our creations. 

These masks are available in 2 standard sizes: When folded they measure; Adult - 18 x 10 cm & Child/Junior - 16 x 8 cm. 

The plain masks are made with 2 layers of popeline cotton (110 gr ms / 120 fils). 
The cotton masks are made with 2 layers of summer cotton. 
The Liberty masks are based on a plain mask and for that English touch we have added a 3rd layer of Liberty cotton. 

Select a trio that have been grouped together by colour or use the personnalisation to select 3 masks of choice. 

Trio Mauve: Plain Violet, Liberty Betsy Mauve, Plain White
Trio Orange: Orange Flowers, Lozange Orange, Retro Orange 
Trio Turquoise: Rayures Turquoise, Multi Triangles, Turquoise Flowers 
Trio Rouge: Plain White, Red Polka Dot, Plain Red 
Trio Animal: Liberty Queue for the Zoo, Plain Black, Liberty Birds of Paradise  
Trio Betsy Ann été: Liberty Betsy Ann Blue-Red, Plain Violet, Liberty Betsy Ann Rose-Mauve

We purchased the majority of material at the Liberty flag-ship store in London at Christmas for our markets this spring and summer. Liberty is known worldwide for it's floral material. The quality of Tana Lawn is the best known. It is a silky 100% cotton batise which is soft to the touch.  The flowers of the Betsy Mauve and Turquoise are larger than those on the Betsy Ann Blue-Red and Betsy Rose-Mauve. 

The masks are also available in a lot of 3 or 5 in the Bebedon shop in Liberty, summer cotton and plain cotton popeline. 

Please contact me if you need a different size, shorter or longer elastics or different colour. There are some masks ready to post otherwise they are made to order to leave the next day during the week, or Monday morning during the weekend. 

After a family case of Covid-19 in the UK and a sense of feeling of helpless living in France, Bebedon responded to GrandLyon and volunteered to make masks for the city of Lyon.

Careful and fast delivery from Lyon, France. 

Choice of colours: 
Plain; Violet, Black (black elastics), bordeaux (black elastics), Red, White 

Lib 1 - Birds of Paradise on violet
Lib 2 - Queue for the Zoo on black 
Lib 3 - Betsy Mauve on violet 
Lib 4 - Orange Flowers onwhite 
Lib 5 - Betsy Ann Rose-Mauve on violet 
Lib 6 - Betsy Ann Blue-Red on red

Summer Cotton
E1 - Yellow Feathers 
E2 - Mustard Polka Dot
E3 - Orange Lozange
E4 - Retro Orange 
E5 - Red Poka Dot
E6 - Multi Lozange 
E7 - Turquoise Stripe
E8 - Turquoise Flowers

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